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Herbarium of the estonian university of life sciences -TAA

183 000 vascular plants 37 000 bryophytes 85% digitzed

The Herbarium at the Estonian University of Life Sciences with the international acronym TAA is the second-largest botanical collection in Estonia.

The Herbarium’s main focus is to collect and preserve specimens from taxa growing in Estonia. Housing over 220,000 specimens, including vascular plants and mosses, it is a significant resource for both local and international researchers. Besides providing data for answering taxonomic questions, the large quantity of material within the Herbarium makes it possible to investigate species’ patterns of variability and distribution. The Herbarium preserves genetic material from different time periods.

Furthermore, the herbarium boasts a collection of 1300 seed samples covering around 700 taxa.

Botanical evidence, cited in a variety of scientific articles, is preserved within the collection.