Hydrobiological collection [EMHC]

The collection [EMHC] at the Võrtsjärv Centre for Limnology comprises phyto- and zooplankton samples, gathered predominantly during the last fifty years from the Baltic Sea and from lakes and rivers of Estonia. There are also many samples from the beginning of the XX century. The collection as the whole is of particular value for the research of long-term climatic and ecological changes.

The collection included:

Zoobenthos specimens:

Hydrophyte specimens:


  • 2700 images of Estonian waterbodies from different authors from years 1926 -1990 available at: http://vee.kogud.emu.ee
  • ca 7000 images of waterbodies of Estonia and some neighbourng areas by H.Timm
  • photos of macroinvertebrates (ca 15 500 pictures)

Contact person: Henn Timm (henn.timm@emu.ee)

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