Forest entomology collection

The forest entomological collection of the Institute of Forestry and Rural Construction is the most important part of forest zoological collections comprising specimens of forest pests and their natural enemies, i.e. entomophagous insects. The bulk of this collection is formed of Coleoptera with ca 8,500 specimens. The material of other insect orders is less abundant: Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Heteroptera, Orthoptera. Regarding beetles, the collection of contemporary Estonian bark beetles with almost 5,200 specimens, collected since the 1970s mostly from Estonia, is the most valuable.

The collection has been supplemented by a number of Estonian entomologists, in particular, Heino Õunap, Kaljo Voolma, Ilmar Süda, Peeter Rõigas, Albert Riis, Saadi Mihkelson, Enn Pilt, Linda Õunap, Valli Viidalepp and Malle Mardiste. A contribution has been made also by the forest pathologists Enn Kaljula, Kaarel Aruste and Anti Järve as well as by the foreign colleagues Ake Lindelöw, Bengt Ehnström, Jan Weslien, Mihail Mandelshtam and Vitautas Tamutis.

The specimens of the collection represent material of evidence for entomological research which serves as the basis for a large part of forest entomological investigations, particularly in the field of Coleoptera. The collection is continuously supplemented with new entomological data obtained mainly in the course of executing research projects.

Collections specimen-based database comprises 8121 records and whole database is linked with Estonian eBiodiversity ( database.

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